2020 Jay County 4-H Schedule of Events

Saturday, July 11th

9 am: Dog Show - Show Arena

1 pm: Rabbit Show - East Arena

Sunday, July 12th

1 pm: Beef and Beef Feeder Show - Show Arena

1 pm: Poultry Show - Horse Barn

5 pm: Consumer Clothing

6 pm: Fashion Revue

Monday, July 13th

12 pm: Swine Show - Show Arena

Tuesday, July 14th

10:30 am: Dairy Goat Show - Show Arena

3 pm: Pygmy Goat Show - Show Arena

3 pm: Meat Goat Show - Show Arena

Wednesday, July 15th

11:30 am: Dairy Show - Show Arena

1:30 am: Cat Show - Exhibit Hall

3 pm: Sheep Show - Show Arena

Thursday, July 16th

11:30 am: Dairy Beef and Feeder Show - Show Arena

Friday, July 17th

10 am: Horse and Pony Show - Horse Arena

Green Building Hours

July 6th: 10 am - 6 pm

July 7th: 12 pm - 6 pm

July 8th  - 10th: 9 am - 8 pm

July 11th: 9 am - 12pm

Please note that this year's 4-H schedule is a 'show and go' format. This means that animals will not constantly be on the grounds and trailers will be coming in and out throughout the week so that kids can still participate in 4-H shows.