2021 Jay County 4-H Schedule of Events


4-H Green Building Schedule


Tuesday, July 6th

7 am - 6 pm: Project check-in for

non-perishable projects & mini projects

10 year member display set-up

Wednesday, July 7th

9 am - 1 pm: Judging for all non-perishable projects

7 am - 12 pm: Project check-in for perishable projects

1 pm: Judging for perishable projects begins

Sunday, July 11th

3:30 pm: Consumer clothing judging

4 pm: Fashion Revue

Thursday, July 15th

Project check-out, ribbon pickup, &

pick-up 10 year membership displays

Perishable projects are as follows: Foods, Gardening, Aquatic Science, and Floriculture

4-H Animal Schedule

Friday, July 9th

5 pm - 9 pm: Check-in livestock

Dairy, Rabbit, Poultry, & Goats

Saturday, July 10th

7 am - 11 am: Check-in livestock

Beef, Dairy Beef, Sheep, Swine, & Dogs

11:45 am: Opening ceremony

12 pm: Dog show

2 pm: Rabbit show

Sunday, July 11th

1 pm: Beef show

1:30 pm: Poultry show

Monday, July 12th

8 am: Swine show

2 pm: Cat show

3 pm: Dairy beef & feeder show

8 pm - 10 pm: Swine & poultry release 

(If dairy beef show is not over at 8 pm,

release will be after the show)

Tuesday, July 13th

8 am: Dairy goat show

11:30 am: Pygmy goat & meat goat show

4 pm: Small animal supreme showmanship 

Wednesday, July 14th

8:30 am: Dairy show 

4:30 pm: Sheep show

Thursday, July 15th

6 am - 8 am: Check-in for horse & pony

9 am: Horse & pony show

5 pm: Large animal supreme showmanship

8 pm: Release of non-auction livestock until

8 am Friday, July 16

Friday, July 16th

10 am: 4-H Awards ceremony

Auction immediately following awards ceremony

Barn clean-up following the auction

(all 4-H members are encouraged to stay and help)

Bob Schmit Memorial

Exhibition Hall Hours:

July 10th: 12-6 pm

July 11th: 12-6 pm

July 12th to July 15th:

10 am-6 pm